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Our training and consulting services are focused primarily in these areas:

Retail Sales 

Your front-line salespeople are the face of your company when customers walk through your front door. As we know, most retail salespeople have little to no formal training (and it shows). Utilizing the results of the sales skills analysis test, we'll uncover your team members' areas for improvement and train accordingly in a fast-paced training session that's sure to be a winner! As a result, your business will take more sales from your competition, show greater margin, reduce shrink and win more repeat customers.

Your location and regional managers will also benefit from our Leadership Training, designed to help them uncover their natural leadership talents and abilities and utilize them in a most beneficial way that is uniquely their own. They will improve their ability to motivate, delegate, coach, counsel, set objectives for their team and make smart hiring choices.

Field Sales 

If you are a manufacturer, distributor, or service provider, your rep force is the lifeblood of your business. From your newest salesperson to your most seasoned veteran, we'll work closely with your reps and account managers to help them achieve maximum effectiveness in the field.  Again, depending on the individual results of the sales skills analysis, we'll train in any number of key areas requiring attention.

Inside Sales 

"Ear-To-Ear" selling can be considerably more difficult than face-to-face sales. You can't read your customers body language or see their facial expression. However, we'll show your inside sales staff how to "give great phone".

National Account Management 

If your company sells to national accounts, you understand how critical success with these customers can be. Small "blips" for them (up or down) can spell disaster for your company. We'll help you maximize your effort with these accounts and learn to achieve the delicate balance between your customer's needs and those of your own company.

Trade Show Selling

Does your company exhibit at trade shows? It's probably your best opportunity to showcase your product or service to countless corporate buyers, consumers and the press. However, there's a good chance that you staff your booth with your best and brightest product specialists and marketing personnel - not salespeople. We'll work with your trade show staff to give them the tools and techniques necessary to really sell your product or service at these key industry events.  

Sales Ethics

Today's business climate is more competitive than ever before. Many companies choose to pursue a "whatever-it-takes" attitude to win the sale at any cost. We feel that ultimately, that cost is far too great. We define our business by our Guiding Principles

If you're interested in learning how to develop a principle-based strategy for your company, give us a call.