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Why Success Training NOW?

Success Training NOW! was built on the concept that most people, given a choice, would prefer to be good at what they do. Think about that for a moment. Could you be happy as an average salesperson? An indifferent manager? How about a mediocre customer service agent? Of course not. Perhaps more importantly, we want to be considered by our associates, our boss and our customers as not only good, but exceptional in our field. Yet every day, there always seems to be some obstacle that keeps us from reaching our full potential. Closing the big deal. Meeting our deadlines. Prospecting enough new customers. And typically, it's the same obstacle every day, isn't it? We say things like, "If I could just..." or "If only..." So as professionals in our field, we seek a training program that will address our area of concern, helping us to get a handle on our situation and move on. But there's a problem...

Sometimes More Is Not Better

Think about the last training you attended. Lots of great information, right? Maybe too much. Too often, companies who seek training for their employees will contact a training company and a determination is made as to which of the offered training programs is most appropriate for their staff. Perhaps it's a sales program. A customer service program. Maybe a time management course, etc. So the company sends its people to a one, two, or even three day training program that will help them "fix" their problems and make them better at what it is they're supposed to be doing. Unfortunately, the net result is often information overload, coupled with the stress of having spent too much time away from the job.

Maybe you have a salesman who is great at prospecting for new accounts, cold-calling, getting appointments and demonstrating your product or service. Unfortunately, he also has a very low closing ratio. Are you going to send him to "sales" training? He needs "closing" training. How about your customer service agent who is always helpful and courteous to her accounts but spends half the day unable to function after a run-in with an irate customer? She doesn't need customer service training, she needs to learn how to manage conflict in the workplace. 

Success Training NOW! is designed to give your people exactly the training they need in a concise, easily assimilated format that addresses their needs, their concerns, their issues, in a very short amount of time - typically less than one day, so they can be back on the job utilizing their new skills right away.

How we do it...



Our Mission

Hello. I am Ray van Straten, President of Success Training  NOW! It is my most sincere goal to provide you with a level of service that is unparalleled in the industry. We will always conduct our business following our Guiding Principles and will strive at every level to achieve nothing short of your complete satisfaction. 

We look forward to having an opportunity to serve you.

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